What is a Bio Recovery Technician?

In shBio Recovery Technicianort, we are a specialized team of professionals trained to address your clean up needs. We will respond 24/7, 365 days a year, with urgency and courtesy. We are there to help you restore your property as close to “pre-trauma condition” as possible, so that you may begin to heal and rebuild your life.

Bio recovery technicians are generally dispatched after the police leave the scene of a crime or other traumatic event. Bio recovery technicians can also be brought in by a home owner, coroner, medical examiner or property owner/manager to clean and disinfect after a tragic event has taken place. These events could range from suicides, murders, assaults, work place accidents, unattended deaths or any accident involving modes of transportation and loss of blood or other bodily fluids.

A common misconception is that the police will arrange clean up after these events take place, but that isn’t so. In fact, once a police investigation is over, the forensic team and detectives leave the scene without arranging clean up services on behalf surviving family members, friends and co-workers. Often times, the survivors of a traumatic event are left to figure out what to do with the aftermath.

Years ago, home and business owners would have to endure the emotional stress and health risk attributed to this type of clean up. Many people don’t realize that it is illegal for any employee to be instructed to clean up blood and other potentially infectious materials, unless they have undergone very specific and documented training in the handling of these substances. The employer would also have to supply all the necessary protective equipment, and would have to comply with a code of federal regulations (29.CFR.1910.1030). Non-compliance can result in fines that could be as high as $70,000.00.

Performing this highly-specialized work takes intensive training and the ability to work effectively under tremendous mental stress. It is strongly recommended that you hire a professional to avoid further traumatization from the process of cleaning. Our bio recovery technicians are carefully selected and go through very specialized training to ensure safety and emotional comfort for all involved. A good bio recovery company knows that some employees may have limits to what they can endure, and will never push a technician to perform a task that may be too emotional for them.

This is a very challenging field of service, but it is highly rewarding to show up for our clients during their darkest hour, and to be an integral part of the rebuilding process following a tragedy.

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