Unattended Death Cleanup, Trauma Scene Cleanup in Harrisburg, Catawissa, and surrounding areas

No normal person wants to be faced with an unattended death of a relative or loved one.  Unattended death cleanup is one of the most challenging and toughest jobs around. Fortunately, there are professionals who provide this important service. Tri State Bio Recovery can help you with unattended death cleanup in New City, Rockland, Spring Valley, Westchester, White Plains or Yonkers.

Unattended death present additional challenges in terms of cleaning and decontamination. This is due to bodily decomposition. It does not take long for a body start decomposing. The first stage of decomposition is referred to in medical term as autolysis. This means self-digestion. Bodily cells and membranes start to rupture and enzyme start consuming cells.

Stage 2 is bloating.  Skin discoloration and bloating occur. Toxic gases build up inside the body and insect activity is likely. Stage 3 involves active decay. Flesh becomes liquified as organs and soft tissue decompose. Stage 4 involves skeletonizing.

Unattended death is accompanied by the formation of bacteria, mold and insect infestation. This creates a pathologically dangerous environment. Unattended death cleanup should only be performed by professionals.  They have the knowledge, experience, gear and equipment to deal with the situation in a safe and proper manner.

They will take care of proper body removal, and they will do this with dignity and respect. Thereafter they will do the cleaning, sanitising, decontamination and disinfecting.  They will also deal with odor remediation, mold remediation and insect infestations.  They follow procedures and protocol laid down by authorities and advisory bodies such as OSHA, NIOSH, DOT and EPA.

If you need unattended death cleanup or trauma scene cleaning in New City, Rockland, Spring Valley, Westchester, White Plains or Yonkers, Tri State Bio Recovery can help.

Unattended Death Cleanup in Harrisburg, Catawissa, and neighbors, including Scranton & Allentown. Offering Trauma Scene Cleaning, Homicide Cleanup, and more.

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