Blood Clean Up and Biohazard Cleaning in Scranton, Allentown, Harrisburg, and Surrounding Areas

Crime scenes are quite common these days and knowledge about this is also widespread. But crime scene cleanups are not a very clear concept in the minds of people, thereby giving rise to several queries. We, at Tri-State Bio-Recovery, are an OSHA compliant trauma remediation and disinfection service that provides our clients with multiple services including blood clean up, crime scene clean up, disinfection services, vehicle decontamination, etc.

So, here, we have a few common queries you might have about crime scene clean up. Take a look.

1) What is a Crime Scene Cleanup?

Crime scene cleaning is basically remediating any area after death, injury, or any kind of trauma, which may or may not involve a crime such as assault, unattended death, suicide, traumatic accident, slip and fall, overdose, disease outbreak, or homicide etc. Complete elimination of O.P.I.M (other potentially infectious materials), all blood traces, and disinfection of dangerous pathogens are some of the components of this service. This task needs the expertise of a professional and should not be alone.

2) Why Can’t I Do Crime Scene Cleaning on My Own?

Crime scene cleaning cannot and should not be done by yourself because you might be subjected to a series of dangers. Any disease could be transmitted by the blood or other bodily fluids. Even a slight cut on your body by mistake can cost you for a lifetime. This task is actually beyond mere cleaning; all affected porous surfaces have to be removed and every infectious medical waste has to be handled carefully. The technicians have to undergo an elaborate disinfection post cleaning in order to make sure they don’t cross contaminate.

3) How to choose an Expert Cleaning Service?

While choosing a viable cleaning company, you should make sure that the said company has a verified training through an accredited organization like American Bio-Recovery Association (ABRA), OSHA outreach instructor training, American Counsel of Accredited Certification (ACAC), etc. They should employ well-trained individuals who are not only knowledgeable and certified but are compassionate, reliable, and discreet. The company should possess the proper equipment, know the right techniques and value their clients.

So, now that you have a fair idea about crime scene cleanups, quickly give us a call on 1-855-BIO-CREW today, if you live in and around Allentown, Catawissa, Harrisburg, Scranton, Stroudsburg, or Wilkes Barre.

Blood Clean Up and Biohazard Cleaning in Scranton, Allentown, and Harrisburg. Offering Trauma Scene Cleanup, Crime Scene Cleanup, Homicide Cleanup, Unattended Death Cleanup.

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