Crime Scene Cleanup FAQ

Within the disinfection industry, we receive a lot of questions on a day-to-day basis. To dispel assumptions about our industry and crime scene cleanup FAQ, we gathered answers to your questions.

1) What is Crime Scene Cleanup and What’s Involved?

Crime scene cleaning otherwise known as Bio Recovery services is the remediation of any scene after a trauma, death or injury. There is not necessarily always a crime involved. These services involve complete elimination of all traces of blood, O.P.I.M (other potentially infectious materials) as well as disinfection for harmful pathogens.

Circumstances where we are needed can range from a slip and fall, homicide, suicide, overdose, assault, traumatic accident, unattended death or a disease outbreak. All materials that have been affected by such events must be properly disinfected or removed if they can’t be disinfected. Porous surfaces such as carpets and other fabrics can’t be disinfected after a traumatic incident.

The technicians at Tri State Bio Recovery are experts in finding, disinfecting or eliminating all affected surfaces.

2) What Credentials Should I Look For in a Crime Scene Cleanup Company?

All reputable crime scene cleaning companies should have verifiable training through a reputable association. American Bio Recovery Association (ABRA) mandates a 40 hour class with hands on instruction and all attendees must pass an exam to earn their Certified Bio Recovery Technician (CBRT) status.

ABRA also offers higher levels of certification to technicians that have met additional criteria, such as verifiable years of experience in disinfection, third party accreditations through associations such as the American Counsel of Accredited Certification (ACAC), OSHA outreach instructor training, OSHA 40 hour Hazardous Waste Operations and Emergency Response (HAZWOPER). An experienced technician can apply to be a Certified Bio Recovery Supervisor (CBRS) and a technician who meets the highest criteria can apply to be a Certified Bio Recovery Master (CBRM).

What to Look Out For:
  • Beware of “certified technicians” that go through online training only!
  • A reputable company should be able to provide proof of a medical waste transport or generator permit.
  • All Bio Recovery companies should have workers compensation, liability, pollution and specialized auto insurance for their specific services.
  • Any company that has workers who handle blood or other bodily fluids must comply with all aspects of the Code of Federal Regulations CFR1910.1030. Compliance includes written exposure plans, respirator safety, GHS compliance, annual blood borne pathogen training amongst many other requirements.

3) Why is ABRA Membership Important for Crime Scene Cleaning?

ABRA is an international nonprofit educational organization that educates and provides ongoing conferences and training to certified technicians and its member companies.  ABRA validates that all member companies hold the proper insurance and permits to perform Bio Recovery services.

Companies that have been cited in lawsuits for negligent work practices or that have other ethical violations are excluded from joining the association. These companies may still have a technician that was trained by ABRA, but the company itself can’t be a member of ABRA.

4) Can’t I Just Do Crime Scene Cleaning Myself?

We don’t recommend it.

There are many dangers in performing our work. Diseases are a major concern as you never really know if someone had an illness that could be transmitted by blood or other bodily fluids. Cutting yourself while performing a job could have life changing consequences.

Our technicians are highly trained in handling infectious and medical waste as well as performing the detailed cleaning that goes along with performing the task properly. The term “crime scene cleaner” is misleading as in many cases we are performing much more than cleaning.  We have to ensure that all porous surfaces that were affected are removed. In many cases this involves removing furniture; carpets, wood and tile floors, as well as ceilings sub floors and walls.

At the end of each job all of the equipment and tools that we use have to go through very detailed disinfection to ensure that we do not cross contaminate.  In many cases we also need to set up specialized containment as well as air cleansing equipment using specialized equipment that can provide positive or negative air pressure within a contaminated area.  We also have very specialized chemicals and equipment to ensure that all surfaces are properly disinfected and that all odors are eliminated.

5) What Areas Do You Operate in?

Our company provides regular services anywhere within a four hour drive from NYC. We are also part of a national response team, DPIA (Decontamination Professionals International Alliance), and in some cases can respond to large scale events all over the country to support other member companies.

6) How Quickly Can You Respond to a Job Request?

We are on call 24/7/365. All calls go directly to the on call technician or company owner. If your call is missed it is important that you leave a voicemail as your call will be returned within minutes!

Sometimes we are suited up on a job and it is not safe for our staff to access their phone while being in a contaminated area. Once we speak to you and determine your needs we can typically be on the road headed to you within an hour.

7) Why Should I Call Tri State Instead of Another Company?

Tri State Bio Recovery is a local company located in NY, not a franchise or national company.

We are highly trained and specialized in this industry. We are not a janitorial or water remediation company that says” we can clean blood”.  Blood, bodily fluids, infectious diseases is all that we specialize in. It is what our employees are trained to do, day in and day out.

Some of other benefits include:

  • Having all of the proper equipment to do the job right
  • Being a licensed medical waste transporter
  • We are OSHA and CFR 1910.1030 compliant
  • Tri State Bio Recovery, Inc.’s owner, Eric Morse is the current Vice President of the American Bio Recovery Association and is a Certified Bio Recovery Master Technician
  • We are compassionate, discreet and trustworthy
  • Our employees undergo background checks and in many cases have a Transportation Worker Identification Credentials issued by TSA and DHS.
  • We value our clients and are employees!
  • We are ethical. We do not have employees who listen to police scanners and knock on your door after a traumatic event. Yes, that happens.
  •  We will always work with your insurance company if there is coverage and use the insurance industry programs so that claims are accepted.