Tri State Bio Recovery ServicesTri State Bio Recovery provides full cleanup services for the aftermath of accidents, homicides, suicides, unattended deaths, vehicular accidents, blood or bodily fluid contamination, fingerprint dust removal, and disposal of other potentially harmful blood borne pathogens that may be left at the scene.

Why risk illness from mishandling potentially infected materials, or future structural damage from blood and fluid dissemination?

Tri State Bio Recovery’s technicians are properly trained in crime and trauma scene cleaning. We use proper personal protective equipment under OSHA guidelines and are trained in the handling and disposal of potentially infectious materials, as well as contaminated waste.

Our goal is to restore your home or business back to healthy environmental order so that you can start the healing process without painful reminders of a tragic event. By using state of the art technology, we can demonstrate that environmental surfaces are not only visibly clean, but free of possibly harmful microbes undetectable to the naked eye.

We understand the heavy burdens that come with the unexpected death of a loved one. Traumatic and horrific events leave a lasting effect on people and the community, and can be overwhelming and challenging to comprehend. But we are here to help you begin the healing process. We handle each job with compassion and confidentiality, and are dedicated to giving you a clean foundation from which to rebuild following a tragedy.

Crime Scene Cleanup is covered by most insurance companies under victim’s compensation.

Crime Scene Cleaning Services:

Disinfection Services:

Our team can provide routine preventative services as well as be dispatched to deal with an immediate problem at a moments notice. We can even apply long lasting anti microbial products that will kill harmful microbes on surfaces for months to years!