Bodily Fluid Cleanup in Harrisburg, Scranton, Wilkes Barre and neighbors

Bodily Fluid Cleanup and Blood CleanupTri State Bio Recovery provides specialized services for bodily fluid cleanup and blood cleanup associated with traumatic accidents, homicides and suicides. We understand that these difficult events, and the scenes they leave behind, create emotional and psychological trials that can act as an impediment to healing. Our goal is to remove the physical evidence of these events, while treating co-workers or family member with the utmost sensitivity and care. Ultimately, we restore the work or home environment to a sanitary condition that fosters closure and healing for the occupants.

Blood and bodily fluid spills in your workplace or home should be treated as potentially hazardous areas that require emergency response. In their immediate states, these fluids may contain disease. Over the long term, organic materials decompose and can lead to the proliferation of bacteria, insects and other biological decomposers. Blood and bodily fluid cleanup requires a team with expertise. Blood gets beneath carpets and padding very quickly, and can become acidic in time, causing damage to the flooring below, as well as odor issues. Blood can even get under tile, wood and linoleum floors creating long term structural problems and potential health hazards. Tri State Bio Recovery will remove any remnants of blood and fluid, and thoroughly disinfect the surrounding environment, neutralizing or sealing all stains and odors.

Why risk illness from mishandling potentially infectious materials, or future structural damage from blood and fluid dissemination? Tri State Bio Recovery’s blood cleanup team is experienced at tracking and eliminating blood spills completely to restore cleanliness and safety. Our technicians use proper personal protective equipment as required under OSHA guidelines and are trained in the safe handling and disposal of potentially infectious materials, as well as contaminated waste.

Most insurance plans cover the cost of remediation services, and Tri State Bio Recovery will help you determine the extent of your coverage. We will even handle the claim directly with your insurance company from start to finish.

We are certified, compassionate and professional. Let us take the burden of cleaning off of you.

Bodily Fluid Cleanup & Blood Cleanup in The Workplace

bodily fluid cleanup workplaceNo business owner ever wants to hear that an employee death or injury has taken place at their work site. Unfortunately, even with today’s safer standards, accidents occur. Don’t forget: it’s against OSHA regulations for any employer to ask an employee to perform blood cleanup or removal of other potentially infectious materials without the proper OSHA training, vaccinations, protective equipment and without a specific written safety plan for exposure. Fines for violating this federal code can be in the tens of thousands of dollars for one occurrence. Even if your employee is capable of doing this work, cleaning up after the death or injury of a fellow employee can be an emotional burden leading to PTSD, which can result in a future work comp claim.

Tri State Bio Recovery is here to help you avoid those risks and get your business back up and running while removing painful physical reminders of a tragic event. Tri State Bio Recovery has technicians that are trained in OSHA BBP, Hazwoper, Lock out/Tag out, confined space and Hazard communication. Our technicians will provide dismantling, cleaning and disinfection of any equipment involved in a work related death or injury. Tri State Bio Recovery can also provide visible and measurable evidence of sanitation via the use of a Adenosine Triphosphate luminometers. This is especially important in food processing or healthcare settings. We will even issue a certificate of disinfection for any areas that we service.


If you need blood cleanup or bodily fluid cleanup services, contact us 24/7, 365.

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