Heroin Needle Removal in and around Allentown, Harrisburg, Catawissa PA

Heroin Needle Cleanup

With heroin use rapidly increasing, heroin needles and syringes are posing a risk to local communities. Kids are coming into contact with heroin needles and many of them aren’t sure what they are. In our communities, we need to take preventative measures to limit people from coming into contact with heroin needles. Over the last few years, children have been accidentally stabbed by heroin-filled needles, and kids are finding needles at playgrounds and parks. But children aren’t the only ones at risk, adults are too. These needles shouldn’t be disposed by just anyone because they can carry diseases. Unfortunately, people in our communities don’t know any better.

Why You Need a Professional Cleanup Service

While volunteers have helped cleanup heroin needles in some communities, this is putting these people at risk of contracting diseases. There are certain safety guidelines and procedures that need to be followed and although these volunteers are doing a good service, they’re not trained in the proper safety techniques. Hiring a professional cleanup service that handles hazardous materials on a daily basis is needed.

Cleaning up the Streets

In some areas, town and city governments have taken action with cleanup efforts by hiring professionals to actively clean areas where needles have been found. But for the most part, a lot of communities have yet to take any action towards cleaning up these neighborhood spaces. With people finding discarded needles at school, in parks, and on sidewalks, action is needed. Tri State Bio Recovery is licensed to transport medical, bio-hazardous wastes, and potentially harmful shapes such as used heroin needles.


Heroin Overdose Cleanup

Unfortunately, preventative measures can only go so far. When someone dies from a heroin overdose, there usually isn’t anyone around. Their body can decompose for days, which creates a serious health issue. The area requires a professional disinfection and cleanup service to ensure the safety of other people.


National Heroin Statistics

Eric Morse recently met with Dr. George Behonick, a forensic toxicologist, and gathered a few statistics on heroin’s use.

  • There are 78 opiate-related deaths in the US per day
  • 14.7 people out of every 100,000 are dying from heroin
  • In 2014, there were 3,000 more opiate-related deaths than the previous year
  • The use of illicitly manufactured Fentanyl in the production of heroin is responsible for the increased deaths
  • There was a 426% increase in heroin that tested positive with licit fentanyl in it between 2013 to 2014

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