Hoarder Cleanup in Scranton, Stroudsburg, Wilkes Barre and surrounding locales

Hoarder Cleanup Service

Help for Hoarders

The staff at Tri State Bio Recovery is specialized in the remediation of any type of hoarding or hoarder environment. Our Hoarder Cleanup Service team will assess your site and determine a plan of action on a case by case basis to provide help for hoarders, while keeping in mind the comfort and safety of family members and friends involved in the process. We will work directly with you to evaluate what can be salvaged from the hoarder environment and what needs to be removed to help minimize the emotional struggles associated with hoarding.

We will arrange for all equipment or trucks needed for the removal of debris. Tri State will supply sufficient staff to perform the task in the requested time frame, and we will clean and fully disinfect the site upon completion of the job. For those clients located in our service area, we can even provide full pest control services if required.

When renovations are required due to extreme neglect or level 5 hoarding we can provide, assist or oversee local contractors who will restore your home to an environment that is safe and healthy.

Our Hoarder Cleanup Service technicians are fully trained in the hazards of cleaning up hoarding situations, whether it is physical hazards such as structural deficiencies, or hazards from blood-borne pathogens, animal or human wastes. Tri State Bio Recovery is fully insured and we are experts at any level of hoarding cleanup and hoarder site remediation.

Feel free to call us 24 hours a day 7 days a week for a consultation at 1-855-BIO-CREW (246-2739). We will be able to address of your concerns with compassion and confidentiality.

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