Vehicle Contamination in Wilkes Barre, Harrisburg and surrounding areas

Vehicle DecontaminationOur technicians are experienced in vehicle decontamination, blood removal, and removal of other possibly infectious materials from public transportation and private work and recreational vehicles. Many vehicle insurance policies cover the cost of remediation to minimize the health hazards of a major blood spill following an accident, homicide or suicide. Vehicle cleaning requires more finesse than regular cleansing environments due to small spaces and crevices that all must be sanitized. Tri State Bio Recovery employs a thorough, multi-step approach to ensuring all vehicle surfaces are free of biohazards.

Whether a crime was committed, an accident occurred, or someone was ill, call Tri State Bio Recovery for professional vehicle cleansing and decontamination. We clean and disinfect a wide variety of vehicles, including planes, ambulances, public trains and buses, private boats and cruise ships, cars, trucks and heavy equipment.

Catawissa, Scranton, Wilkes Barre, Allentown, Harrisburg, Stroudsburg PA Vehicle Contamination, Blood Removal.