• Trauma Remediation & Cleaning Services

Crime Scene

Our goal is to have your home or business as close as possible to its original condition so that you can start the healing process. We will be able to demonstrate to you that all surfaces are clean of possible dangerous organisms using…

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& Trainings

Eric Morse, founder of Tri State Bio Recovery, has over 20 years of sanitation and disinfection experience in private homes, schools, businesses, healthcare and food processing facilities. He is a certified Bio Recovery and Disinfection Technician…

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The Cost of
Biohazard Cleanup Disinfection Services

In many cases homeowners and business policies cover our disinfection services, and the client is only responsible for the deductible. We can help determine the extent of your coverage, and handle the claim directly with your insurance company from start to finish.

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TriState Bio Recovery Services

Blood Cleanup >>
Unfortunately, traumatic accidents can occur any time at home or at work. Blood spills should be responded to immediately, and treated as a potentially bio-hazardous substance. Blood in its immediate…


Crime Scene Cleanup >>
There is no reason to take on this burden alone. Tri State Bio Recovery technicians are experts at providing full biohazard cleanup & disinfection services following a forensic team investigation. We are trained to handle potentially infectious…


Unattended Death Cleanup >>
No one likes to think of the possibility of a loved one dying alone. We know how tragic that can be for a family. Let us take the burden of cleanup off your mind. We will be there for you long after the…


Vehicle Decontamination >>
Tri State Bio Recovery technicians are experienced in decontamination, blood removal, and removal of other possibly infectious materials from public transportation and private work and recreational vehicles.


Fingerprint Powder Stains >>
Tri State Bio Recovery technicians are trained in removing fingerprint powder residue as well as other stains left behind after police and forensic teams have done their jobs investigating


Environmental Disinfection >>
We possess the technology and vast expertise to treat a home, business, aircraft, cruise ship (or any other site imaginable) in the case of an outbreak or epidemic. The Tri State Bio Recovery team are trained in dealing with ALL harmful pathogens…